2021 Teen Fontana Court

Teresa Morales – Teen Fontana​

Teresa Morales was born in the city of Los Angeles but moved to Fontana 5 years ago. She has a passion of wanting to study attorney in family law as well as obtaining a real estate license after graduating from high school. Currently, she attends Etiwanda High school and hopes to attend ASU to accomplish her dreams of being an attorney. She enjoys taking available opportunities to volunteer and do greater things for the community and inspires to be a role model to all the younger girls while holding the title of Teen Miss Fontana.

McKenzie Tindall – Teen Fontana Princess​

McKenzie Tindall has been a resident of Fontana for the last eight years and currently a student at Etiwanda High School. McKenzie serves as Senior Class President and is part of competitive worlds cheerleading. She plans to continue her education goals in becoming a High School English teacher and cheerleading coach. Mckenzie knows she would not be where she is without her relationships, which continue to be one of the biggest blessings in her life.

Genesis Ruiz – Teen Fontana Princess​

Genesis Ruiz has lived in the city of Fontana her entire life. She is currently a senior at Henry J. Kaiser High School. After high school she is planning on attending Chaffey College and California State Long Beach to major in criminal justice to become a detective. In her personal time, Genesis enjoys cooking and baking all kinds of foods and treats while watching true crime videos.

Genesis Ibrahim-Balogun – Teen Fontana Princess​

Genesis Moriyat Ibrahim-Balogun is 17 years old and was born and raised in Fontana. As a senior at Summit High School, her future goals are to attend an HBCU in fall of 2022 and become an Environmental Toxicologist. Genesis loves to travel, especially to her father’s country of Nigeria, take pictures, dance, and fashion. She hopes to broaden her perspective of the world and continue to be a great role model inspiring all young women.

Sara Rodriguez – Teen Fontana Ambassador​

Sara Rodriguez, born and raised in Fontana, and plans to attend University of San Diego to major in education after graduating from Etiwanda High School. She hopes to become an elementary school teacher to satisfy her love for helping younger children. Sara is vice president of Social Kindness Club where she spreads positivity through social media to other peers. She is excited to represent our city as part of the Teen Fontana court.