2019 Teen Fontana Court

Teen Fontana Jacqueline Aguirre

Jacqueline Aguirre is 17 years old, she has lived in Fontana, California for 15 years. This upcoming year she will be a senior at Summit High School. She aspires to be successful and hopes to attend the University California of Irvine where she wants to major in engineering. She enjoys playing soccer and working out on her free time. Her favorite aspect of Fontana is the diversity and unity she feels in all community events.

Teen Fontana PrincessTeresa Morales

Teresa Morales enjoys spending time with her loved ones and volunteering at her community church. Teresa currently attends school at Etiwanda High. In the future, she hopes to attend UCLA or Harvard University to major in Criminal Justice to achieve her dream of becoming a Family Lawyer. Teresa has lived in Fontana for three years and loves her home and the opportunities it serves the community. Her favorite thing about Fontana is the events it holds for its residents and how our city comes together as one family.

Teen Fontana PrincessKaylei Moore

Kaylei Moore loves to spend her time helping the community and being an advocate for mental health awareness. Kaylei moved to Fontana 3 years ago and continues to be involved in extracurricular activities such as AVID and Link Crew. She loves the environment Miss Fontana has given her and the space she has, to inspire young women.

Teen Fontana PrincessPauline Gomez

Pauline Gomez is a junior at Fontana High School. She strives for success daily, no matter the occasion. She plans on going to Arizona State University to further her education. Pauline has lived in Fontana for 16 years and she loves the sense of unity and trust the community gives her. Pauline enjoys playing sports and is currently on her high school’s varsity softball team. Pauline aspires to create change in the world, starting with change in her community.

Teen Fontana AmbassadorEvelyn Zamora

Evelyn Zamora is 17 years attending Jurupa hills high school as an incoming senior. She likes to spend her free time volunteering full time with baseball program as the scorekeeper. Evelyn also loves to document memories with her friends and family. After she graduates, she wants to attend college and become a movie producer.

Teen Fontana AmbassadorGisselle Gonzalez

Gisselle Gonzalez was born and raised in Fontana. She is currently 17 years old and attend A.B Miller High School. She hopes to go into the medical field after high school and become an Obstetric Gynecologist. In her free time, she enjoys cheerleading with her team and hanging out with her family. Her favorite part about Fontana is getting to meet new people at all the events.